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- Ideal for smaller budgets.


We handled the production of British Airways & Air France Concorde Worldwide flights for one of the carriers’ leading flight sub-contractors – Superlative Travel where Advertisements appeared regularly in The Daily Telegraph (front page), Daily Mail (front page), Daily Express and many others.  (Click here to view) 
Often we would be asked to prepare an advertisement the night before it was due to appear next morning front page national daily. By carrying out delivery of artwork to the newspapers ourselves we ensured all newspapers received their copy each and every time!




Should you wish for an initial discussion about your campaign or even a ‘one-off’ advertisement, please feel free to give us a call or email us, and we will respond right away. If you need some idea of costs before embarking on any programme of advertising, PR, or general publicity you can always just jot your ideas down in an email or better still we can come over to you for a short discussion. Alternatively you could come over to our office for further information about our comprhensive publicity service that include PR, brochures, Market Research and even on-site photography.

Valued Clients: – Past and Present: AB Manufacturing, All UK Lofts, AMCOMM, ATA Tools, Belpack, BHI, BNOS, Boeing, Bowater, * Brintons Carpets, Carpets of Worth, Chem-Dry, Chromatone, Concorde (via Superlative Travel), Cobra, Coinamatic, ColourSource, Fairclough Aviation, Host Carpet Care, * Hugh Mackay, Jaymart Flooring, Maris Interiors, Middle East Magazine, Q-Build, RGS Group, RP Adam, Tomkinsons, Transferprints, Tretol, Uckfield Garage, UK Africa Business, Yaesu, Victorian Woodworks, Voke Flooring, Warner Howard, Wills & Gambier, * Wilton Royal. * By Appointment Companies
Travel Assignments:- Belgium, France, Ireland, Malta, Poland, USA, UK (Wales, N.Ireland, Scotland.)


Effective Marketing means identifying Market Objectives and then defining Strategy i.e. How we will reach targets. We then go on to make a careful selection of the correct media to use.


East Sussex Advertising is a Full Service Advertising Agency with all in house facilities, Ideal for small budget local advertising or large budget international clients.

Market Research

We have vast experience of Market Research which can be very useful before undertaking an Advertising  Campaign. Quantitative and Qualitative Research available.

Low Budget Specialists

East Sussex Advertising is ideal for low budget Advertising whether a press, TV or print campaign. We can produce draft layouts and dummy TV adverts at competitive prices.