East Sussex Advertising on a low budget

East Sussex Advertising offers advice on some low cost effective advertising aimed at your target market. It is possible by allowing us to create an ‘advertorial’ about your products, goods or services in the trade publications read by your potential customers or clients.

Advertising – there are two methods to consider:

advertising editorial

Free editorials about your business.

Firstly we would endeavour to obtain some relevant facts and figures about the industry you operate in. Your management or production team would be well placed to create a write up about the technical aspects of your markets. By giving useful information in this way will project your company name to potential end users. The caution is that it must not represent a company advertisement as such – just some interesting facts.

Alternatively, or in addition to the above, we would come along to your premises, takes some high resolution photographs of your activities whether products or services, as well as putting together some words about how your company can serve the industry. Photos of production techniques and plant would be ideal and possibly a brief interview with personnel would be helpful.

Both of these methods are designed to project your company image even if there is not an overtly made sales pitch made in the editorial. This type of editorial can often be seen in trade publications where a company employee discusses trends or developments in the industry accompanied by photographs or statistical data. For example an article about how ‘driver-less cars’ are developing and their impact throughout the world car market published by the MD of Jaguar Land Rover. Or the possible and economic implications of Brexit for UK exporters of textiles written by the owner of a carpet manufacturer.

The value of Advertorials these days should never be ignored. Imagine you are the busy editor of a consumer or trade publication and you have to get meaningful editorials out to your readers in time for publication date. It can be a real headache, so if you are an ad agent or business owner looking for leads, imagine the huge benefit to you and the editor if you simply provide a helpful article about your products, goods or services.

Send it as a text file to the editor personally and you’d be amazed how much of the article they will use especially if backed by high quality, hi-res and appropriate photos relating to the article. Even a mini-company advertising editorial or ‘puff” can be often seen and printed especially in the trade publications.

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